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He chokes up halfway, apologised and let Jjun continue the speech…

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11/100 photo of SS501

11/100 photo of SS501

Kyu Jong is leaving in about 10 minutes.


And he’s going to be gone for two years.
I still can’t quite believe it.

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See you in 2014! Triple S and ThanKYU will wait for you! 

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Heo Young Saeng and Nervous Fans

Young Saeng: When I ask them what would they like me to write for P.S. they couldn't answer me and just keep going "oh! ah~ oh... oh!"
Young Saeng: I'll ask again "eung, what would you like me to write?"
Young Saeng: "Oh! Sure! Uh uh, what...? Ah...!" Couldn't speak at all.
Young Saeng: So I'll just write something and tell them to prepare what they would like to say the next time round.
Young Saeng: Then they reply "Oh, I did think about it! Oh..., OPPA YOU'RE HANDSOME" and they run off!